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Art of Giving Foundation specializes in community center development and planning.  We are partnered with a variety of public and private projects and organizations, providing feasibility studies, market research, funding services, and development services.  Our core objective is to bring opportunity to the most underprivileged neighborhoods, so they too can flourish within the arts and trades.  Together we can ignite change.

Here at the Art of Giving studio, we invite new and seasoned artists to collaborate and create.  We host gallery exhibits, fundraisers and other events for anyone interested in partnering with AOG to ignite change in their community.

Boosts the Local Economy

It may be surprising to some, but community centers can boost a neighborhood’s economy.  First, they require large staffs, creating new jobs within the community.  Second, hosting events at the center can convert it into a cultural arts destination, capitalizing on the $878 billion-dollar industry.  As people travel to the neighborhood for such engagements, they are likely to bring money to restaurants, shops, and other small businesses.  For a struggling neighborhood, an economic boost can have a huge impact.

Keeps Adolescents Safe

Juvenile crime is a problem for most underprivileged neighborhoods. With most local businesses being closed or abandoned due to financial exhaustion, and few entertainment options, adolescents are likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol, gangs and other criminal activity.  Community centers provide a safe place for young people to hang out, make new friends, and stay out of trouble.

Provides a Meeting Space

Outside of school and church, many underprivileged neighborhoods do not have a safe meeting space.  Whether it be a corporate event, a club meeting, or a fundraiser, community centers provide a convenient place to gather.  By having a meeting venue, you can increase community involvement and revitalize the neighborhood’s social scene.  Providing a safe space for pro-bono conflict resolution can decrease crime and provide a healthy means for counseling and mediation.

Boosts Property Values

Community centers are a great addition to any neighborhood.  People are drawn to convenient and affordable access to programs, meeting spaces, and other amenities.  Overall, this can boost property values and the resale value of homes.  By increasing property values you’re increasing tax revenues, providing more funding for other improvements within the community.

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Crowdfund for your next community project, volunteer at one of our community programs, and shop for international art from around the globe.

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