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Art of Giving Cultural Arts Center

San Marcos, Carazo Nicaragua is home to thousands of children living without clean water, proper nutrition and the means to expand their horizons through extracurricular activities and education.  The Art of Giving Cultural Arts Center provides a safe environment for hundreds of local children in grades K-12 with clean water for bathing, warm nutritional meals, and fun activities such as art class, yoga, dance, music, and English. Your support provides opportunities otherwise unheard of, for hundreds of underprivileged children, free of charge. Some of these children are without homes, families, food, water, and worst of all a promising future.  We truly believe that art ignites change in communities and there's no better way to invest your time and energy, than in our children; they are the future of the world.

Art Classes for the Homeless

Life isn't just about surviving, but for many on the streets of Chicago, that's all there's time and energy for. We want to provide a series of art classes to those struggling to find shelter, food, and safety, bringing them hope and the power of creativity. You can do anything you set your mind to, and we truly believe that providing a safe and creative atmosphere can spark drive and inspiration. Your donations will go towards art supplies, the venue, food/drinks, as well as gift cards and other necessity items for our guests. Select artwork will be on display at our Gala in June, for purchase. All proceeds will benefit the homeless in Chicago and continue to fund additional art programs.

The Art of Giving General Fund

Thank you for considering a donation to the Art of Giving Foundation General Fund. Donations to our general fund are used to support our core mission including paying for the the Art of Giving Community Center in Nicaragua as well as supporting all the other programs in our network. Click the link below to donate or learn more about how we use these funds.

Kids Create

As a result of our partnership with ArtSchool 8 we’re offering a unique opportunity for aspiring young artists in grades 1 through 5 to have their artwork appear in one of Chicago’s most prominent Michigan Avenue art galleries.

Art of Giving Foundation, in partnership with ArtSchool 8, is giving young local artists the opportunity to have their work featured at our “2020 Kids Create” fundraiser, where we will be raising money for Chicago public art programs. So if you know a talented young artist who would like to have their art displayed, submit their artwork today!

Hurry! The deadline for student submissions is November 1, 2019.

Click here for more info.

Our Partners Around the Globe

We are honored to be partnered with prestigious companies that share the same core values and belief systems as us. Together we make a huge impact.