Autumn Pippenburg


Autumn Pippenburg is a Chicago artist with a passion for merging art with philanthropy.  Her personal work focuses on mixed media, although her roots are in modern dance and classical piano. 

Her dedication to the arts has infiltrated into her love for helping others and thus how the Art of Giving Foundation was born.

Throughout her adult life, Autumn has been involved in dozens of charitable causes and has been responsible for leading several philanthropic affairs.  She’s traveled around the world to establish relationships with government leaders, charitable organizations, and communities in need. She has not only devoted her life to giving back personally and teaching her son to do so as well, but giving others a mechanism to give back, that’s fun, easy and rewarding. 

“Everything around us is in some way, shape, or color, art.  There is an artist in every one of us and we all have the innate ability to create.  Art allows our soul to express its happiness, pain, desires and goals through a healthy medium.  When communities have the the right tools, art saturates and impacts lives with positive influence and change.  Let’s color the world with creativity, love and understanding.  In the end, we’re all a part of the big picture.”  – Autumn Pippenburg