Denis Ruiz

Director, Nicaragua

Deniz Ruiz is a native born Nicaraguan who has a passion for enriching lives through art and culture.  Mr. Ruiz has his Marketing and Publicity Degree from UCC (University of Commercial Sciences) in Managua, Nicaragua, his Cost of Construction License from Inatec in Granada, Nicaragua, an English Degree from Keizer University in San Marcos, Nicaragua, is a professional airbrush technician and artist and a committed father of three with his lovely wife Tania Ruiz.

Mr. Ruiz has been a professional self taught artist for 20 years.  In high school, he did graffiti and graphics. He was introduced to the airbrush technique by Alex Garcia, a well known graffiti artist in Nicaragua.  Mr. Garcia cultivated a crew of airbrush artists on the South side of Nicaragua, which is how Mr. Ruiz met many other graffiti artists.  “That inspired me to keep drawing and to learn more about the airbrush style, and there are many styles. Alex Garcia created the evolution of graffiti which was “fine art”.  I started reading and learning about all of the new techniques.  When I got married, art became my way to provide for my family.  It turned into my lifestyle, doing murals, graffiti, body painting, etc.”

Mr. Ruiz is very different from many people living in Nicaragua.  “I believe it’s my attitude.  I’ve acquired skills to deal with different cultures and engage those cultures with our local culture, so we can enrich each other.  I think out of the box, and that’s the key.”  Mr. Ruiz sees himself building or being part of the building of an entire new thinking for a new generation with ambitions.  And he has the experience to make this happen.  He’s been working with TASK for UMA (A California non-profit) for 8 years and serving as a translator for many other social initiative groups that have come to Nicaragua to provide support and aid..  “I have confidence because I’m someone you can trust personally and professionally. I brainstorm and I start from scratch to mold it; I want to mold the Nicaraguan culture.  I am adaptive to changes and challenges which is why I’m in this situation, to lead.  I’m a natural born leader because I think outside of the box and always find solutions.”

What is Your Message to the Children In Nicaragua?

“Everyone has a gift and talent, and everyone can take advantage of it.  This is out of your own mind.  Doing work to educate, creates leadership in itself.  You are being creative to help yourself.  When you combine this thinking with creativity, you might not get genius but you get an entirely new person.  That’s why being a part of a new generation in Nicaragua that can be innovative, something they’ve never seen before, is my driving force.  I want to be a part of a generation where everyone has their own ambitions but they want to help each other and grow each other; impact society in a positive way.  Life is full of changes and we need to always be improving.  We must think about making a new generation of thought leaders and open minded, ambitious people.”